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Compared to other painting service companies in Bangladesh, we offer the finest house painting services. 10 years have passed since Noorsa first began providing house painting services. Our bosses are knowledgeable. Before making a hire, employers received training. They always make an effort to offer their finest. When we get an assignment from the client, that’s when we start to think about it. Our assistance is available around-the-clock.

Our service staff is available around-the-clock to serve customers as needed. We want to provide the best possible service while ensuring client satisfaction.

Because of this, Noorsa Company is the most well-known provider of house painting services in Bangladesh. You can call our phone number if you need a house painting service in Bangladesh. A home can cost billions to construct. But a lot of money will be wasted if you can’t paint the home a suitable color. The color of the home has changed significantly in recent years.


  • Living room
  • Bedroom
  • Baby room
  • Dining room
  • Outdoor colors

We use Advanced equipment's for Cleaning


We use Professionals Cleaner for cleaning

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